Uni jena singles

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Uni jena singles
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Between the Jena connections and the NS students wide-ranging human and ideological connections were recorded.

When the Allied air raids to Jena in February and March struck in 1945, the University Library, the University main building and several clinics in the Bachstraße received total or significant physical damage.

Jena was noted among other German universities at the time for allowing students to duel and to have a passion for Freiheit, which were popularly regarded as the necessary characteristics of German student life.

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Uni jena singles

Student fraternities - in particular the Burschenschaften - were dissolved and incorporated into the Nazi student federation.

The Nazi student federation enjoyed before the transfer of power and won great support among the student body elections in January 1933, achieving 49.3% of the vote, which represents the second best result.

It is a research centre of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Friedrich Schiller University is the only German University with a chair for gravitational theory and one for Caucasus Studies.

, shortened form Uni Jena) is a public research university located in Jena, Thuringia, Germany. Schelling and Friedrich von Schlegel on its teaching staff, the university has been at the centre of the emergence of German idealism and early Romanticism.

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