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Single plattform kostenlos Göttingen
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Because the European copyright act does not allow libraries to physically deliver electronic copies to patrons, requested items had to be sent by mail or fax, which led to high costs and slow delivery.

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It is largely automated, convenient and transparent." Dr.

Kerstin Helmkamp Head of Readers' Services, SUB Göttingen SUB Göttingen is a high-volume interlibrary loan (ILL) institution that has participated in OCLC's global interlibrary loan network since 2000.

In all these dimensions, the study of particular languages informs the investigation of the phenomenon of human language as such.

Linguistics in Göttingen offers an internationally outstanding location in the field of linguistics thanks to a rare combination of strengths in various subdisciplines.

Sinn & Bedeutung 2014), to a weekly colloquium, offers a Masters program in Linguistics and has more than 10 Ph D students working on various projects.

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