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Single party baden
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The two unlikely partners have agreed on future plans for digitization and renewable energy.

Winfried Kretschmann, state premier for Baden-Württemberg, presented the coalition agreement between the Green party and the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) in Stuttgart on Monday.

Policy plans The two parties agreed upon a number of planned investments and issues.

The coalition partners want to invest more than 200 million euros ($229.5 million) in a digitization strategy which includes provisions for comprehensive broadband access.

"But the voters have decided in a different way, and now we are trying to be productive, creative and reasonable." Chairman of the CDU's Baden-Württemberg faction, Thomas Strobl [pictured above (L) with Kretschmann] echoed Kretschmann's sentiments: "We weren't looking, but we found each other." The agreement will now head back to the individual parties for approval before the Baden-Württemberg's parliament convenes on May 12.

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