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Single lauterbach
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In 1991, engine was changed to Chevy Sprint 1000 cc from 1991 to1996.Currently has 1000cc Sunbeam Imp modified for alcohol in the boat. The engine was changed from a Crosley to a Sunbeam Imp in 1970.Placed first that year in A class runabout class winner 1958 Gold Coast Marathon. Driver Joey Danches.48 ci class hull with Crosley | Built in 1953 by De Silva | Owned by Bob Foley of Escondido, California Former owners: Sonny Meyer, Mickey Remund, John Lyle.

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I worked on the reconstruction for a while but eventually the 850cc class withered and died (in S.

California anyway) and the boat, true to its original name, has been hanging in the rafters of my carport for many years.

webpage850 cc class hull with modified Sunbeam Imp | Built in 1980 by Ron Jones Marine | Owned by Harrison Quirk (Hoddy) of Ware, Massachusetts This hull was raced actively from 1980 to1996. This was the last wood boat to come from his shop I was told by Ron.

Engine was Sunbeam Imp 901 cc modified for alcohol and was run from1980 to1991.

Boat is like new condition.48 ci class hull with 48 ci Crosley | Built in 1960 by Kenny Ingram - Harrison Quirk | Owned by Harrison Quirk of Ware, Massachusetts This hull was built in 1960 from plan by Kenny Ingram of California. Boat was 2nd in nationals twice and won the eastern divisionals twice.

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