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Single forst
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It seeks to explore the ways in which our categories of thought reduce our freedom by occluding recognition of what could be.

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These were withdrawn for want of funds to maintain the line.

Part of the track between Kalterherberg and Sourbrodt is now used by railbikes.

At Trois-Ponts it connected with the Liège-Luxembourg line. The section of the line from Aachen to Monschau was opened on 30 June 1885.

The section from Raeren to Eupen was opened on 3 August 1887.

(…) By taking seriously the question of what it would mean to transcend the current epoch, critical theory opens more space for considering the possibility that the world could be different than it is than does any simple affirmation of existing differences or claim that postmodernity is just a matter of perspective” (Calhoun 1995: xiv, 9, 290).

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