Single burger press

durch  |  17-May-2016 14:31

Single burger press
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The Kitchen Art Adjust-a-Burger Mini Slider press creates 1-, 2-, or 3-ounce slider patties.

This handy plastic gadget has a white cylindrical base with a clear plastic cylinder around it.

Features:- Non-stick coating - Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum - Adjustable patty thickness up to 1 1/2? diameter - Markings on the handle make adjusting patty weight easy - Make quarter pound (4 oz.), third pound (5.3 oz.), half pound (8 oz.), or three quarter pound (12 oz.) burgers - Helps ensure that patties will not fall apart on the grill!

Simply place any ground meat on the patty forming tray, close the lid and press the patty presser button down to compact the meat into perfect patties of any thickness up to 1 1/2?

For stuffed burgers, place a small amount of meat in the mold and press it.

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