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Southgate had hoped as recently as last Thursday that the squad’s captain, Wayne Rooney, would join him at St George’s Park at Burton-on-Trent, for a gathering with the new squad in which much store had been set.

The Manchester United player was not present - owing to his need for rehabilitation work on a knee injury which prevented him training last week, it was said.

So Southgate took his own path, underlining the importance of psychological preparation will play by confronting his players with images of defeat and disappointment, as well as success.

Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy revealed that footage of last summer’s defeat to Iceland had also featured in the compilation of footage that Southgate had asked his video team to put together.

The Messel Pit provides the best preserved evidence of Geiseltalian flora and fauna so far discovered.

Most other sites are lucky to contain partial skeletons, but Messel boasts extensive preservation of structural integrity, even going so far as to preserve the fur, feathers and "skin shadows" of some species.

Combined with a relatively low rate of deposition, 0.1 mm (0.0039 in) per year, this provided a prime environment for the preservation of fauna and flora.

Sex dating de Darmstadt

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