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Online dating test Fürth
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There is no need for evidence to be provided if the duplicate is going to be sent directly to the responsible registration authority.You cannot have the PTI carried out unless you first request the registration authority to issue a new vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate, part I); presenting the ownership certificate (registration certificate, part II) is not sufficient for a registered vehicle.After that, you can complete the registration procedure with the certificate that your vehicle has passed the PTI.

If your inspection plate expired more than two months ago, we have to conduct an in-depth inspection for which we take an additional charge of 20 percent. You can expect a fine or even a penalty and points if you are stopped in a traffic check and your inspection plate expired more than two months previously.

It is also critical to be involved in an accident with an expired PTI plate.

Please check in advance that the components subject to mandatory renewal within ten years (gas regulator, gas hoses, shut-off cocks) have already been renewed if necessary; in this way, you will be able to complete the gas test and thus also the PTI without delays.

Furthermore, we require the initial certification booklet from the manufacturer; the gas bottle should be filled.

In this case, you can be penalized by your insurance company.

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