Frauen treffen zug - Moden dating Silkeborg

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Moden dating Silkeborg
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Bauer sucht frau single party - Moden dating Silkeborg

With the WE Drive™ and the direct-drive permanent magnet shaft generator in Power Take Out (PTO) mode, the available power for the vessel’s electrical network is up to 780 k W, generated by a fuel-efficient two-stroke, low-pressure, dual-fuel main engine.

In this mode, the auxiliary generators are not running.

Han hber, at overvgningsklippet i toppen af artiklen kan vre med til at finde frem til de forelbigt uidentificerede gerningsmnd.

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With the WE Drive™ and the direct-drive PM shaft generator solution from WE Tech, the energy efficiency of the machinery on Ternsund reaches unmatched levels in the marine industry.

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