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Gratis netdating Ringsted
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In 1912, a lightweight model was introduced, chambered only for .33 Winchester and with a 24-inch barrel and half-length fore-end and magazine, along with a buttplate normally used on shotguns of the time.

Former Colt employee John Marlin opened up shop in 1870 to produce a line of revolvers and derringers.

Another interesting note is that while the Model 62 was initially listed in Marlin catalogs to be available in .22 Jet and .357 Magnum in the future, neither of these calibers of the Model 62 were ever actually built except in prototype form.

The Model 336 Marauder carbine was introduced in 1963; however, the name Marauder proved to be a commercial disaster at the time, and production of the Marauder was combined with production of the Model 336T Texan in 1964, since the receivers and mechanisms were identical.

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