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Gay dating danmark Billund
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After learning the technical process online, the budding entrepreneurs now produce a malted rye whisky that has impressed connoisseurs worldwide.

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This is where I stumble on Europe’s largest remaining wild oyster bed.

Centuries ago it was the exclusive reserve of the Royal family, and a treasonable offence to eat one of its prized bivalves.

Denmark is remarkably flat and in Aarhus, the entire population seems to rattle along on a bike (no need for gears or expensive brands here) en route to nearby forests, the beach or to the multiplying cafés and bars of the fashionable Latin Quarter.

In the town centre, some raise their eyes to admire the city’s new halo of light by the internationally acclaimed artist, Olafur Eliasson (memorable in the UK for his mesmerising sun installation in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall).

From the oyster hub of Lemvig it’s a short drive up a finger of land to the mouth of Limfjorden and the tiny fishing village of Thyborøn.

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