Dating klagenfurt ficktreffen heute Regensburg

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Dating klagenfurt
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Capital of the state of Carinthia, Klagenfurt is situated in southern Austria, near the border with Slovenia, and is bounded on the south by the wooded ridge of the Sassnitz range, with the Karawanken rearing up behind.

Founded in 1161 as a market town, Klagenfurt - or Klagenfurt am Wörthersee - is famous for its extremely attractive Old Town quarter with its picturesque lanes, historical buildings, and its many arcaded Renaissance courtyards with their trendy boutiques, galleries, and cafés.

Notable features include the steep winding access road, the Burgweg, some 620 meters long and famous for its 14 gates (each of them named) and the beautiful arcaded courtyard at its end.

Other highlights include its quaint little chapel with fine wall and ceiling paintings from 1570 and the church at the southwestern end with a high altar dating from 1729.

It's also famous for the old moat and canal added between 15, and which still links Klagenfurt to the Wörthersee, the area's largest lake.

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