Dating d Ishøj kontaktanzeigen frauen Pforzheim

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Dating d Ishøj
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It takes about 20 minutes to get to central Copenhagen from the hotel.The hotel rooms on the 9th floor were renovated in 2015, and the remaining rooms on the 8th floor will soon follow.We ensure an easy and cheap stayover in Ishøj so you are ready to seize the day.

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The art museum has a beautiful collection of modern art from the Nordic countries. In that case, you can safely choose Zleep Hotel Ishøj.

The architecture of the building itself is interesting, and the purpose of the 400 pieces inside is to give you a new perspective on life. The hotel is located by a train station from where you can reach central Copenhagen in approx. Breakfast can be added to your room for just DKK 89 per person.

Whether you are working in Ishøj, participating in a sports event or want to experience Copenhagen, Zleep Hotel Ishøj is a great place to sleep.

Here we make sure that you get a proper hotel experience and a great night’s sleep at a low rate.

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