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Datesider Herning
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Source Naturals also sells NKO krill oil, supplied by Neptune Bioressources, so let’s review that label.

You can see that the amount of phospholipids listed signifies that this is, indeed, the profile of the original krill oil.

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As you see from the label above, the company has chosen to market its product based not on the amount of phospholipids contained, but on the amount of omega 3s (EPA & DHA) in the product.

Also, there’s a bit of marketing psychology involved here.

Also, compare the amount of omega 3s stated on the above labels.

Astaxanthin levels are also at 1.5mg, and that is good.

Even 90 capsules of 300 mg each is 10% less than 60 capsules of 500 mg each.

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