Dansk dating Køge

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Dansk dating Køge
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That is why I want to be cared like a small flower. People have a reason for being introduced into our lives. I think that every day is a new opportunity for self-improvement so I don't loose it.

I am honest and I can open my soul but of course not to everybody, I will do it only to person who will I am very honest, sincere and I never lie... I'm looking for someone who first and foremost, can be a Friend.

Like most Danish cities, the origins Køge precedes written history.

Køge was first recognized as an official market town in 1288, as a contrast to the ecclesiastical center at that time – Roskilde, and was an important merchant town during the late Middle Ages.

I know what I want and Let me tell you a little about myself, I am honest and trusting, because without these two qualities, you have something to build a foundation for a relationship.

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